60 Single Serve Salt Variety Packets: Himalayan Pink, Low Sodium Salt, Coarse, and Fine Sea Salt

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The ultimate single serve salt variety kit.

Get 60 single serve packets of 4 different types of salt:dona-maria-gourmet-100-satisfaction-guarantee.jpg

  • 30 Single serve packets of fine table salt (0.8 grams per packet)
  • 10 Single serve packets of Himalayan Pink salt (1 gram per packet)
  • 10 Single Serve packets of coarse sea salt (1.5 grams per packet)
  • 10 Single Serve packets of low sodium salt with 50% less sodium ((1 gram per packet)
  • Convenient, clean and hygienic single serve packaging
  • Take these anywhere, on picnics, work or to your favorite restaurant
  • Also ideal for home use


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