Peri Peri Sauce 195 Ml

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195 Ml Dona Maria Gourmet Peri Peri hot sauce 

  • Traditional Portuguese piri-piri hot sauce recipe
  • Piri piri hot sauce is great as a barbecue sauce
  • Made famous as a condiment in "chicken piri-piri" (barbecue chicken with piri-piri sauce)
  • Peri peri sauce is ideal for many dishes, from the traditional to the more sophisticated
  • Peri Peri is a traditional Portuguese hot sauce, don´t buy imitations
  • Piri Piri is sometimes called "peri peri" or "African bird´s eye" chili
  • Comes in a 195 Ml bottle (6.9 fl oz)

Dona Maria Gourmet spicy piri-piri sauce from Portugal.  Made famous by British tourists visiting Portugal as a barbecue sauce for chicken ("chicken piri-piri").  Add piri-piri sauce to any dish for and unmistakable flavor.

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