Piri Piri Hot Chili Pepper Spice Whole Pod

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Discover the true essence of Portugal with our Piri Piri (alternatively termed as Peri Peri or African Bird's Eye) Whole Chilli Pods. Meticulously harvested and dried in the sun, these compact yet potent pods are a foundational element in Portuguese dishes and have risen in global acclaim as the preferred spice for the legendary "chicken piri-piri". Whether it's elevating the taste of poultry, seafood, or any meal demanding that spicy flair, our selection in 40g, 85g, and 225g ensures you always have Portugal's signature spice close at hand. Embark on a journey of profound spice and taste with our elite Piri Piri pods.

  • Genuine Source: 100% manually harvested and sun-cured piri-piri pods, directly procured from Portugal.
  • Adaptable Flavor Enhancer: Ideal for giving a robust zing to poultry, seafood, and essentially any meal desiring a spicy accent.
  • Familiar Terminology: Also referred to as "peri peri" or the celebrated "African bird's eye" chili.
  • Potent Concentration: Diminutive in stature, yet brimming with powerful heat, delivering an unforgettable taste.
  • Traveler's Choice: Gained prominence in Portugal as the essential spice in the famous "chicken piri-piri" recipe.
  • Assorted Sizes: Available in 40g, 85g, and 225g to cater to all your culinary needs.
  • Ideal for Food Service: Packaged in a Bulk Jar, it's perfectly suited for restaurants, caterers, and culinary professionals looking to elevate their dishes with authentic Portuguese heat.

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