Iberian "Pedro Ximénez" Pork Pate 2 Tins

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Spanish Iberian Pork Liver Pate with Pedro Ximénez wine flavor

  • Two 78 grams tins of iberian pork liver paté with Pedro Ximénez wine flavor
  • A delicious iberian pork pate spread from Spain
  • A great tasting tapa paté with the unmistakable Pedro Ximénez flavor
  • Spanish pork patés are ideal for "tapas" and snacking
  • One of the most exquisite iberian pork paté you will ever taste
  • Can be used as a spread on toast or bread


Iberian pork products are among the most international of Spanish cuisine.  The quality of these products is determined by the purity of the race and for having been raised in the meadows with natural feed.  The most premium of the Iberian pork products are feed exclusively on acorn (bellota)



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