Natural King Prawns ( 2 packs )

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  • GOURMET SNACK - Delicious gourmet with sea smell and flavor. The shrimp or warbler is a class of cockle, larger in size, with a thick cream-colored shell with pink or brown spots that can reach 5 to 9 cm.
  • EASY TO OPEN - the product comes ready to use so you can use it to add on top of your pasta, salads and so on. You can eat straight from the can and enjoy the seafood flavors. It’s delicious over toasts or crackers.
  • READY TO EAT - We can fully enjoy their texture and flavor by tasting them directly from the can, or on the contrary, savoring them as part of different dishes or recipes, such as rice, pasta, fish stews and even salads, providing a deep taste of the sea.
  • HAND WRAPPED - sourced from small producers


Ingredients: Shrimp (Acanthocardia tuberculata), water, salt, onion and bay leaf. 

Nutritional information (100 g):

Energy value / energy 421 kj / 100 Kcal

Fat / Lipids 1.9 g

of which saturated / 0.6 g

Carbohydrates 4.9 g

of which sugars / <0.5 g

Proteins 15.7 g

Salt 1.7 g


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