Premium Black Oxidized Olive Slices 56.4 oz (31.7 oz) – High-Quality Product from Portugal, Ready to Eat

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Experience the authentic and intense flavor of Portugal with our Premium Black Oxidized Olive Slices. Selected and processed with the highest quality, these premium olive slices offer the striking flavor that only Portuguese cuisine can provide. Ready to eat, they are ideal for adding a special touch to a variety of dishes, or simply to enjoy as a delicious and healthy snack. You can enjoy our olive slices with the tranquility of choosing a nutritious snack.

  • Authentic Flavor: Enjoy the intense and authentic flavor of our sliced black oxidized olives, brought directly from Portugal.
  • High Quality: Our olive slices are carefully selected and processed to offer the highest quality, ensuring satisfaction in every bite.
  • Convenience: Sliced and ready to eat, our olives make the preparation of gourmet dishes quick and easy.
  • Premium Product: As a premium product, our olive slices represent the best of Portuguese cuisine.
  • This package has a total weight of 56.4 oz and a drained weight of 31.7 oz, ensuring the ideal amount of Premium Black Oxidized Olive Slices to meet all your culinary needs.

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